This project started out with the aim of amending and enhancing an existing application. The purpose of the application was to track quotes and sales orders, and allow for allocation of stock to orders. Over time the project grew to completely replace the original database application with a new and better approach, together with functionality extended to include purchase orders, engineering orders, better stock and inventory control, and a host of reports. The system consists of an Access front-end over a SQL database.


This company runs a metropolitan delivery, courier, and taxi truck service in several capital cities. They required a database application to manage the onboarding process of their drivers. Sounds simple right? No! Coping with the large turnover of drivers with such a company, and the extensive onboarding requirements for new drivers, is quite a challenge. The application we have developed for them is complex and rich in features and functions. It includes features such as: CRM functionality that automates the contacting of various parties throughout the process; import of facebook contact data as leads to be followed up; an advanced follow up diary system. The system consists of an Access front-end over a SQL database.


This company receives skins from various abattoirs. The skins are sorted and graded, and then sold mainly to overseas buyers. We developed an application in MS Access that replaced their old spreadsheets and automated much of the flow of information used to control and track the process. Functions include receipt of goods, classing, packing, shipping, invoicing, and a wide range of reports. Just as with the previous two examples, the application we have developed is completely indispensable to this company. They are extremely satisfied with it and could not operate without it.


A customised system for a manufacturing enterprise, specialising in laser cutting, engaged in fabrication of metal components.

The system manages the entire workflow for the large number of work orders, incorporating job tracking and status monitoring, materials requirements and purchasing, outsourcing of secondary operations, invoicing, deliveries, and tracking of goods movements.

The system integrates with barcode scanning as well as an external CAD system.