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Years in business helping businesses make the most of their data.

Long story short

Tim Pryor, BEng(Hons), DipEd

Customer Service
I believe service to the client is paramount. I am not happy until you are happy and I am committed to working with my clients until a satisfactory outcome is fully implemented. I bring my experience, flexible approach, and efficiency to produce a quality outcome at a competitive cost.

Getting to Know Your Business
I work closely with my clients and get to know their business processes. I am intimately involved in each stage of the implementation of a solution, from the analysis of business requirements to the design and development of a solution which models the unique business processes of each client.

Better Communication
The purpose of Information Technology in business is to assist people to communicate better, to improve people’s workflow processes, to assist in turning data into meaningful information, and to improve control over your business processes. My experience and creativity enable me to intuitively address these goals in the implementation of IT solutions.

I have been developing database applications since 1998. For approximately 20 years I have gained experience and proficiency in programming and developing database applications in Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. I have helped hundreds of businesses, small and large, across a wide range of industries, as well as government and semi-government organisations. I have been involved in all aspects of typical IT projects from solution design and development to implementation and rollout of the software, documentation, and development and delivery of training materials. The range of projects has been from small customer or project tracking databases, to large industrial projects such as implementing supply-chain management software for a multi-site manufacturing company.

My Objective
I aim to provide you with a reliable and robust database application that is easy to use and understand. It can include a wide range of functionality and reporting according to your requirements. It will be flexible and scalable to grow with your business, and may be further developed as your requirements develop.

Contact Me
Do you have Microsoft Access but lack the expertise to get the most out of it? Have you found that off-the-shelf software fails to meet your needs? Do you need help with your own database development project? Or do you simply have a question about Access? Send me an email or give me a call and I will be very pleased to answer any questions you may have.