Preparation and follow-through are two of our secret ingredients in our overall development process.


I work closely with my clients and get to know their business processes. I begin to plan how these business processes may be modelled, considering questions like what information needs to be recorded and retrieved, and what processes need to be performed, such as invoicing and reporting. Opportunities for improvement of business processes may also arise.


I undertake the design and development of the database application in a continuous feedback loop, allowing the most appropriate and creative solutions to be applied to the design challenges that arise throughout the course of the project. To facilitate this process, regular communication or progress meetings ensure a satisfactory outcome is obtained through constant feedback.

The result is a reliable and robust database application that is easy to use and understand. It can include a wide range of functionality and reporting according to your requirements. It will be flexible and scalable to grow with your business, and may be further developed as your requirements develop.


Through ongoing correspondence, I like to ensure my clients continue to remain satisfied with the service I have provided to them. Some clients also sign-up to maintenance schedules and training programs.